Insects at Sion Abbey

Blinde bij - Drone fly

My previous blog was about butterflies. Where you can photograph butterflies, you are also guaranteed to find insects. I don’t know much about them, but I find them impressive.

The last photo is of a beautiful beetle. Potato farmers Read more

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Butterflies at Sion Abbey

Citroenvlinder - Common Brimstone

It’s been quite some time since I’ve made a blog. I just didn’t get around to it. Busy with other things all holiday. I did take pictures. Now it’s time to share them.

I have discovered a very nice Read more

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Forrest person

Orang-oetan - Orangutan

A blog with orangutans. Photos I took last week in the Apenheul. Orangutans are not my favorite primate. They are endearing, but also a bit bizarre with their long arms. On the other hand, those arms are of course Read more

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Gyasi and baby Kiango


Finally the time has come, we can go to zoos in the Netherlands again and now also to Germany. But after six months I will stay in the Netherlands for the time being. I have now thoroughly enjoyed it. Read more

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Kwikstaart - White wagtail

If the zoos stay closed and you still want to photograph animals, you have to go out into nature. I chose to go birding at Drostenkamp. Also in other places, but the photos in this blog were all taken Read more

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Play time

Marmeranolis (Burgerszoo 2019)

Time to play some more with photos. All in all, the Zoos will be closed for at least another month. Sigh! I adhere to the corona rules, but I am very done with it. Then get back to work Read more

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Digital Watercolor Painting

Heliconius hecale (Orchideeenhoeve 2013)

Over the years I have purchased quite a number of Photoshop actions. Today was a good time to play with one of them. The “Digital Watercolor Painting” action makes a photo look like a watercolor. Lighter photos are more Read more

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Vintage photos

Sunday afternoon and still lockdown. I have no new animals photos. Zoos in the Netherlands are still closed. Therefore I’m playing with Photoshop again.

I converted 6 photos to a vintage portrait. I have searched for appropriate animal portraits. Read more

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Baby faces

Berberaap baby - Barbary macaque (Apenheul 2014)

A blog full of “monkey” babies. They are always so sweet. Some species look a bit like wrinkly old men. This is especially true for baboons and macaques. Yet they are to melt. In recent years I have photographed Read more

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