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Faces in Blijdorp

The last zoo I visited was Blijdorp. I was there in December and in January. Beautiful zoo! Here a number of faces that I photographed.


Leeuwaap - Lion-tailed macaque

Leeuwaap – Lion-tailed macaque



Lama - Llama

Lama – Llama







Vissende kat - Fishing cat

Vissende kat – Fishing cat



Hyasinth ara - Hyacinth macaw

Hyasinth ara – Hyacinth macaw



Aziatische leeuw - Asiatic lion

Aziatische leeuw – Asiatic lion



Moeraswallaby - Swamp wallaby

Moeraswallaby – Swamp wallaby



Guru’s Picks

In previous blogs I have already written that I participate in challenges on I have now moved up to Master. One more step to go and then I am Guru. To become a guru you need Guru’s Picks. These are photos that have been chosen as the best by other Gurus. You need it for the Guru level. I have 7 and I enjoyed sharing them here on a post. It is a mix of styles and subjects. Lots of fun 🙂



Lieveheersbeestje – Ladybug











Aziatische olifant

Moeder en kind – Mother and child



Bloesems – Blossoms



ZeeleeuwSea lion

Zeeleeuw – Sea lion



Regenboog lori Rainbow lorikeet

Regenboog lori – Rainbow lorikeet








Since a while I am active on There are always different challenges where you are in competition with other photographers. There are all kinds of topics. At the moment, among other things, I participate in the subject of Minimalism. I share here the photos I have sent.

About, I say one thing: Think before you start. It is expensive. I am so stubborn now that I want to become a Guru. But I advise nobody to start with it. It does not really bring you much, maybeinspiration. Nothing more.







Wesp - Wasp

Wesp – Wasp



Gras - Grass

Gras – Grass



Slakkenhuis - Cochlea

Slakkenhuis – Cochlea



Passiebloem - Passion Flower

Passiebloem – Passion Flower







Hommel - Bumblebee

Hommel – Bumblebee



Proud to be chicken

Two weeks ago I was at the Orchideeënhoeve in Luttelgeest. As always a day full of colors, smells and lots of beautiful things. The icing on the cake was a poultry exhibition. What beautiful birds and other animals! Here a selection of roosters complete with their beautiful combs and proud look.


Haan - Rooster (Australorp)

Haan – Rooster (Australorp)



Haan - Rooster (Baardkriel - Barbu)

Haan – Rooster (Baardkriel – Barbu)



Haan - Rooster (Welsumer - Welsummer)

Haan – Rooster (Welsumer – Welsummer)



Haan - Rooster (Shamo)

Haan – Rooster (Shamo)



Haan - Rooster (Minorca)

Haan – Rooster (Minorca)



Haan - Rooster (Friese kriel - Friesian)

Haan – Rooster (Friese kriel – Friesian)



Bright colors!

Last week I started a  I started a GuruShots account. is a photography game, they say. It’s free, but if you want to get ahead, you have to buy swaps, fills and keys. Good quality of your photos does not mean that you end up high. It is determined by votes. Seems very fair, but the system determines whether or not your photo is seen. Only than people can vote for your foto. To be seen you need swaps, fills and keys. And then we are back at the begining of this post.

Fine way to earn money for GuruShots. It again shows that nothing on the internet is free.

Positive about starting that account was that I looked op a lot of old photos. The challenges were about colors, bright colors. So here some of the bright colored shots I entered.


Hyasinth ara - Hyacinth macaw

Hyasinth ara – Hyacinth macaw



Kat - Cat

Kat – Cat



Regenboog lori - Rainbow lorikeet

Regenboog lori – Rainbow lorikeet



Kroonduif - Western crowned pigeon

Kroonduif – Western crowned pigeon




Bij – Bee







Pauw - Peacock

Pauw – Peacock



Blue morpho

Blue morpho