Insects at Sion Abbey

Blinde bij - Drone fly

My previous blog was about butterflies. Where you can photograph butterflies, you are also guaranteed to find insects. I don’t know much about them, but I find them impressive.

The last photo is of a beautiful beetle. Potato farmers Read more

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Butterflies at Sion Abbey

Citroenvlinder - Common Brimstone

It’s been quite some time since I’ve made a blog. I just didn’t get around to it. Busy with other things all holiday. I did take pictures. Now it’s time to share them.

I have discovered a very nice Read more

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Colorful cleaning

Geelvleugelara - Scarlet macaw

After a while of being far too busy, finally vacation. Time for taking pictures and editing. I took the photos in this blog in the Orchideeƫnhoeve. A series with scarlet macaws, new residents of the park. They are beautiful Read more

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Forrest person

Orang-oetan - Orangutan

A blog with orangutans. Photos I took last week in the Apenheul. Orangutans are not my favorite primate. They are endearing, but also a bit bizarre with their long arms. On the other hand, those arms are of course Read more

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Gyasi and baby Kiango


Finally the time has come, we can go to zoos in the Netherlands again and now also to Germany. But after six months I will stay in the Netherlands for the time being. I have now thoroughly enjoyed it. Read more

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Kwikstaart - White wagtail

If the zoos stay closed and you still want to photograph animals, you have to go out into nature. I chose to go birding at Drostenkamp. Also in other places, but the photos in this blog were all taken Read more

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Aalscholver - Cormorant

Sometimes you just have to be lucky. I have often tried to take beautiful pictures of cormorants. I regularly see them fishing in the Overijssels canal or in Park Drostenkamp. You see me walking back and forth hoping that Read more

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Cuteness overload at Drostenkamp

Ganzenkuiken - Goose chick

It really is spring. In the past few days I have been to Park Drostenkamp several times to photograph. For birding and of course also for the chicks out there. And there are many. Fortunately the weather is good. Read more

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Roodborstje - Robin (2021)

Yesterday morning I went out early with the camera. No world trip, but just to Park Drostenkamp in our village. The goal was to photograph geese and their chicks. I did that too, but first this robin came into Read more

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