Flowers on black

Roos - Rose

Still lockdown. I have to say that I am getting tired of it now. I long to be able to go to zoos again. That gets worse, because all zoos in our neighboring countries are open. Anyway, then edit Read more

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Early birds

Crocus and bee

Early birds is a literal translation of the Dutch :”vroege vogels”. I’m not sure if it has the same meaning as it has in Dutch. For us it means the first ones to arrive.

Sunday morning, time for a Read more

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Color explosion


Had little time to shoot. Busy busy busy! Therefore some colorful flower photos that I have taken in recent years.

Lots of fun 🙂



Orchidee – Orchid




Leeuwenbek – Snapdragon




Orchidee Read more
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Beautiful colors and shapes of orchids

Orchidee - Orchid

Today my first visit to the Orchids farm in corona time. I had reserved the first time possible to enter. My estimate was good, there was hardly anyone. Wonderfully quiet and safe. It may sound selfish, but it never Read more

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Duizendschoon - Sweet William

Lots of red flowers photographed in the past 5 years. Most edited new, but a few from the archive of this website.

Lots of fun!


Passiebloem – Passion flower




Duizendschoon – Sweet William



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Yellow African daisies

Spaanse margriet - Cape marguerite - African daisy

Spanish daisies come in many different colors. I have them in the garden in white, pink and purple. They are sold as annuals, but that is nonsense. They are shrubs that bloom every year. However, they are not hardy. Read more

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Fuchsia 2015
Almost every year I buy fuchsias. They are beautiful flowers to look at. The shape also makes it beautiful subjects to photograph. Unfortunately, they are very sensitive to aphids. I never kill insects, because they all have a function Read more
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Orchidee - Orchid

In the past 6 weeks I have barely photographed. Because of corona I could go nowhere. I am also busy at school because of corona, because as an ICT I arrange distance teaching. Today I wanted to do something Read more

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Flowers in Burgers Bush

onbekend - unknown

If people go to a zoo, then of course they mainly go for animals. But what you should also really look at are the beautiful flowers! So many beautiful things can often be seen in butterfly gardens and tropical Read more

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