Digital Watercolor Painting

Heliconius hecale (Orchideeenhoeve 2013)

Over the years I have purchased quite a number of Photoshop actions. Today was a good time to play with one of them. The “Digital Watercolor Painting” action makes a photo look like a watercolor. Lighter photos are more Read more

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The beauty of the butterfly

Tithorea tarricina



“We delight in the beauty of the butterfly,

but rarely admit the changes it has gone through

to achieve that beauty.”

― Maya Angelou



Heliconius cydno



Tithorea tarricina




Greta oto

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Blanket flowers in the wild

Kokardebloem met sprinkhaan - Blanket flower with Caelifera

On my walk I saw a lot of beautiful blanket flowers. Yellow and red buzzing with bees and bumble bees.  Of course I had to take photos and make a video. I shared the video as a story Read more

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A walk at Fortmond

Koolwitje - Small white

Today the weather forecast gave me mixed feelings: temperature 31º C. I am not a fan of such temperatures and immediately opt for a special schedule for tropical days for today. For today that meant that I went for Read more

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We love columbine!

Aardhommel op Akelei - Buff-tailed bumblebee on Columbine

Sharing proof that you don’t have to travel far to make photos … Photos taken in my front garden. Columbine in several colors are in bloom. And I love it 🙂

I’m not the only one that loves them, Read more

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Butterflies a bit different

Idea leuconoe

A new blog with photos taken at the Orchideeën Hoeve. This time there were a lot of butterflies and also many different species. Again I made many pictures again.

My goal this time was to make the pictures a Read more

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Mangrove in Burgers Zoo

Glasvleugelvlinder - Glasswing

When Mangrove had just opened, I went there for the first time. I was a bit disappointed at the time. I have been there again and now I’m a fan. Apparently it took some time and for me the Read more

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A field full of crocuses

Bij op krokus - Bee on Crocus

It was beautiful weather today. A heat record was broken. Every spring numerous crocuses bloom in our village in a place where there used to be a manor. It does not work every year to photograph insects, because it Read more

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Guru’s Picks

In previous blogs I have already written that I participate in challenges on I have now moved up to Master. One more step to go and then I am Guru. To become a guru you need Read more
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