Promotion videos

Cover for marketing post

Today I made a number of promotional videos for my website. For me it was practice to see what is possible with Ripl. That is software that was initially only to be used on a mobile phone and the Read more

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Mike & Co


Recently I went to Dierenpark Amersfoort again. They have beautiful animals. This time it was I enjoyed it a lot as usual. My absolute favorite in Amersfoort is Mike. Mike is a now alderlychimpanzee with a beautiful appearance. In Read more

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On Black

Camel - Kameel

A selection of photos shot in recent years all edited on a black background. I like this kind of editing. It brings out the animal. It also is nice that you can hide an ugly background with it.


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Gorilla’s on black


Selection of gorilla photos I made in recent years in several zoos, all edited in monochrome and on a black background.



Young gorilla in the Apenheul




Gorilla in Burgers Zoo




Young Read more

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Black and white stripes

Siberische tijger
Siberian Tiger

Vacation time, so time for playing with Photoshop and and photos of my favorite animals. In addition to primates and large birds, the big cats also belong to my favorite subjects. They can look very sweet and calm and Read more

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