Baby faces

Berberaap baby - Barbary macaque (Apenheul 2014)

A blog full of “monkey” babies. They are always so sweet. Some species look a bit like wrinkly old men. This is especially true for baboons and macaques. Yet they are to melt. In recent years I have photographed Read more

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Love and tenderness

Mantelbavianen - Hamadryas baboons

Today a day at Amersfoort Zoo. Two weeks ago I thought, I will not go there for the time being. Immediately after the death Mike and Karibuna I did not feel like it. Today I subscribed to this park.

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Last visit at the Apenheul

Goudkopleeuwaap - Golden-headed lion tamarin

This Saturday I went to the Apenheul for the last time this year. I was lucky with the weather. An afternoon dry and a sun was enough. Enjoy the park in autumn colors. It was fun.

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Eyes are the mirror of the soul

Kroonsifaka - Crowned sifaka (Apenheul)

When you make portraits of animals, the most important thing is that the eyes are sharp. A photo can be really sharp, but if the eyes are not strong and spot on, you will never have a striking photo. Read more

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Afternoon at the Apenheul

Hanuman langoer - Gray langur

The nice thing about a subscription to a zoo is that you simply go there. Especially when it is not far away. A visit to the Apenheul when the weather is nice, is possible. I enjoyed the weather, the Read more

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High-key September

Grant zebra veulen - Grant's zebra foal (Safaripark Beekse bergen)

Today was the last day of a wonderful long weekend. Time to visit zoos and edit photos. In September I went to 3 zoos and all 3 are represented here. If you follow me longer, then you know I Read more

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Rheine looks back at you

Sumatraanse tijger - Sumatran tiger

Yesterday I was in Naturzoo Rheine. It was wonderfully quiet, the weather was good and I had fun taking photographs. In short, it was a nice day!

When you are in the zoo you sometimes wonder: who is looking Read more

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Faces in Osnabrück Zoo

Rode panda - Red panda

Yesterday I went to Zoo Osnabrück. I had big plans to shoot, but I was on my way home after 2.5 hours. I have traveled longer than photographed. Unfortunately, I had a sore foot. Zoo Osnabrück is not suitable Read more

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Together in black and white

Stokstaartjes - Meerkats

Just a series of photos that show togetherness. Caring, loving, being there for each other. And that in black and white.



Stokstaartjes – Meerkats




Sumatraanse tijgers – Sumatran tigers




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