Since a while I am active on There are always different challenges where you are in competition with other photographers. There are all kinds of topics. At the moment, among other things, I participate in the subject of Minimalism. I share here the photos I have sent.

About, I say one thing: Think before you start. It is expensive. I am so stubborn now that I want to become a Guru. But I advise nobody to start with it. It does not really bring you much, maybeinspiration. Nothing more.







Wesp - Wasp

Wesp – Wasp



Gras - Grass

Gras – Grass



Slakkenhuis - Cochlea

Slakkenhuis – Cochlea



Passiebloem - Passion Flower

Passiebloem – Passion Flower







Hommel - Bumblebee

Hommel – Bumblebee



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