Flowers on White


Photographing and experimenting with flowers is something Iove to do. It can be done indoors and therefore also in the winter and when the weather is bad. Because I don’t have an lighting set or a photography table, it is always improvising with what I do have. I shoot where the light is best. Sometimes in the livingroom in front of the window, sometimes on the dining table or on the counter in the kitchen.

I wanted a white background for these photos. So I use a white table or a reflection screen. That often works fine, but a photography table and an empty bedroom are on my wish list.

Freesias are flowers that remind me of my grandmother, who used to buy them a lot. I also like the delicious smell. They come in many different colors. A very nice flower to photograph, also because of the buds. They are so much fun!




Carnations are not my favorite flowers. I rarely buy them, but I wanted to take on the challenge this time. Result: the picture below and the knowledge that I still do not like carnations 🙂



I leave my flowers on a vase for a long time. Most people would say: too long. I feel flowers sometimes get beautiful shapes and colors when they wilt. Photos of seeds of dandelions and such can be beautiful too. I don’t mind the mess.


Wilted tulip


The anemone can be bought every spring and it is a flower where you can shoot in lots of beautiful ways. Here simply straight from above.




Scabiosa is also a difficult one for me. The next time I probably buy a rose or something.








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