A composite in photography is an image that is made of two or more photos. I love playing wit photo’s. I use Photoshop to give them a black background. But I also love to give them a natural background. Usually try to find a photo of their natural surroundings (making sure it is a photo I’m allowed to use for this purpose). All photos were made in a zoo, written under the photos. Sharing a group of composites. Hope you’ll like them.


Siamang (Dierenpark Amersfoort)



Roze pelikaan – Great white pelican (Artis in Amsterdam)
Roze pelikaan – Great white pelican (Artis in Amsterdam)




Gewone jaarvogelWreathed hornbill
Gewone jaarvogel – Wreathed hornbill (Ouwehands dierenpark in Rhenen)



Jaguar (Artis in Amsterdam)



Bauwi - Gorilla
Bauwi – Gorilla (Burgers Zoo in Arnhem)



Aziatische olifantAsian elephant
Aziatische olifant – Asian elephant (Planckendael in Mechelen, Belgie)


Sneeuwuil - Snowy owl
Sneeuwuil – Snowy owl (Ouwehands dierenpark in Rhenen)



Berberaap - Barbary macaque (Apenheul Apeldoorn)
Berberaap – Barbary macaque (Apenheul Apeldoorn)


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