Babies, what’s more beautiful …? It does not matter whether it is human or animal babies. It’s all cute. I am a big fan of primates and monkeys. I can watch them for hours. If there are also little ones, then it becomes extra special. I share new edits of a number of monkey babies. Hopefully you will enjoy this as much as I did when I took the picture. Under each photo you can see in which zoo the photo was taken.


Gorilla (March 2014 in Burgers zoo, Arnhem)



Hanuman langoer - Northern plains gray langur
Hanuman langoer – Northern plains gray langur (April 2016 in the Apenheul in Apeldoorn)



Gorilla (March 2017 in Artis, Amsterdam)



Mandril - Mandrill
Mandril – Mandrill (August 2016 in Ouwehandsdierenpark, Rhenen)



Gorilla (March 2014 in Burgers zoo, Arnhem)



Orang oetan - Orangutan
Orang oetan – Orangutan (August 2016 in Ouwehandsdierenpark, Rhenen)



Slingeraap - Spider monkey
Slingeraap – Spider monkey (October 2017 in de Apenheul, Apeldoorn)



Gorilla (October 2018 in Artis, Amsterdam)



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