Flowers on black

Leeuwenbek - Snapdragon

If you have been following me a bit longer, you know I love to edit my photos “On black”. I feel many subjects look better when the are placed on a black backgound. This time I’m sharing flowers on a black backgound. Ik hope you’ll like them.


Leeuwenbek - Snapdragon

Leeuwenbek – Snapdragon



Roos - Rose

Roos – Rose



Orchidee - Orchid

Orchidee – Orchid



Paradijsvogelbloem - Bird of paradise flower

Paradijsvogelbloem – Bird of paradise flower



Hanekam bloem - Cock's comb

Hanekam bloem – Cock’s comb



Puntwederik - Large yellow loosestrife

Puntwederik – Large yellow loosestrife



Roos - Rose

Roos – Rose



Flowers-On black


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