Burgers Bush is a fantastic place to photograph! A huge indoor rainforest with so many plants and animals. If you have an eye for it, there is so much to see here. I’m going to make several blogs from last week’s visits. In this part I share photos of flowers. I do not know the names from a few, so if you do know them, please write them in a comment under the post. If I nobody can tell me the names, I will ask for it on a return visit. But I I’m not sure if the employees are happy if I ask to many questions. 🙂

Update: Together with readers of this blog and on social media, I found 2 more names of the flowers. Photo 3 and 4 now have a name 🙂


Heliconia - Lobster-claws
Heliconia – Lobster-claws



Lepelplant - Peace lily
Lepelplant – Peace lily



Onbekend - Unknown
Update: Trimezia steyermarkii / Neomarica longifolia, Yellow Walking Iris, Apostle Plant


Onbekend - Unknown
Update: Malvaviscus arboreu (Hibiscus family)



Onbekend - Unknown
Onbekend – Unknown



Moerasorchidee - Nun's hood orchid
Moerasorchidee – Nun’s hood orchid

I did not know the name of the next flower. This is a photo of a while ago, also taken in Burgers Bush. No one knew a name on Facebook. So I asked the staff of the zoo who were pruning and working in the Bush. So it is the Trichostigma peruvianum. Wonderful when you zoom in on it. The flowers are very small. Most visitors also pass this flower and miss its beauty.


Trichostigma peruvianum
Trichostigma peruvianum


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