The weather was fantastic today. Unfortunately I had to do a few chores at home. But I did find time to photograph flowers outside and enjoy the weather.
I put the flowers I have in my house in the garden and started to work.
I share some of the photos that I took.

I also worked on the layout of the website this weekend. Front cover is new. The Dutch version is not yet translated correctly, but the English version works great.
I continue puzzling to solve this when I have some time to do it.

Sometimes I also wish I could share the scent of a flower. The freesia smells fantastic. I can enjoy that for at least another week šŸ™‚





Orchidee - Orchid
Orchidee – Orchid



Hortensia - Hydrangea
Hortensia – Hydrangea



Roos - Rose
Roos – Rose



Orchidee - Orchid
Orchidee – Orchid



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