I have made a good start to the new year. At half past eight in the morning I was on the train to Amsterdam on my way to Artis. It was a beautiful day. I have seen a lot, photographed and made videos with my mobile. Unfortunately, the photos were not all successful. In particular, I largely deleted the photos of the gorillas that were inside with not much light. Too bad! Better luck next time 🙂

Below a selection of photos of animals in profile.


Leeuwin - Lioness
Leeuwin – Lioness



Leguaan - Iguanids
Leguaan – Iguanids






Roze pelikaan - Great white pelican
Roze pelikaan – Great white pelican



Rode vari - Red ruffed lemur
Rode vari – Red ruffed lemur



Did you mean: roodstaart amazon Search Results Web results Roodstaartamazone - Red-tailed amazon
Roodstaartamazone – Red-tailed amazon


De foto’s werden hier genomen:


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