This morning I went birding at a pond near my house. I was early and hoped to be alone there. I was not, there were several fishermen. That was OK. I was there with my Tamron 150 – 600 mm, hoping to shoot some waterfowl. And I did, but after a while more people started walking and running there. Time to go home. I drove along the canal and hope to shoot some birds from the car. No luck.

Later that day I walked to my mothers house. She is 93 and lives alone in her apartment. She needs help and support. On my way there, I followed the canal again. This time I was lucky. I saw a pair of swans. I shot them with my Tamron 16-300 mm. (I only take the 150-600 mm on special trips. It is to heavy.) Sharing some of the photos.-



Grauwe gans - Greylag goose
Grauwe gans – Greylag goose



Fuut - Great crested grebe
Fuut – Great crested grebe



Knobbelzwaan - Mute swan
Knobbelzwaan – Mute swan



Canada gans - Canada goose
Canada gans – Canada goose



Huisgans - Domestic goose
Huisgans – Domestic goose



Knobbelzwaan - Mute swan
Knobbelzwaan – Mute swan



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