Yesterday I was in Naturzoo Rheine. It was wonderfully quiet, the weather was good and I had fun taking photographs. In short, it was a nice day!

When you are in the zoo you sometimes wonder: who is looking at whom? Today Rheine also looked at me and through the photos also at you.

See for yourself, have fun šŸ˜€



Sumatraanse tijger - Sumatran tiger
Sumatraanse tijger – Sumatran tiger




Chapman-zebra - ChapmanĀ“s zebra
Chapman-zebra – ChapmanĀ“s zebra




Kroonmaki - Crowned lemur
Kroonmaki – Crowned lemur




Sitatoenga antilope - Sitatunga
Sitatoenga antilope – Sitatunga




Zwartstaart prairiehond - Black-tailed prairie dog
Zwartstaart prairiehond – Black-tailed prairie dog




Bennett wallabie - Red-necked wallaby
Bennett wallabie – Red-necked wallaby



These photos were taken here:

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