Went to Naturzoo Rheine for the first time in a year and a half. It is a somewhat smaller zoo and therefore perfect for a first photography outing since my fall in May. The weather was perfect. Not to busy. 100% happiness! And the animals cooperated too. Simply perfect!.

So here’s a selection of faces of the beautiful animals in this zoo.



Inca stern - Inca tern
Inca stern – Inca tern




Lepelaar - Spoonbill
Lepelaar – Spoonbill




Pauw - Peacock
Pauw – Peacock




Zwart-witte vari - Black and white ruffed lemur
Zwart-witte vari – Black and white ruffed lemur




Oehoe - Eurasian eagle owl
Oehoe – Eurasian eagle owl




Berberaap - Barbary macaque
Berberaap – Barbary macaque




Sumatraanse tijger - Sumatran tiger
Sumatraanse tijger – Sumatran tiger



These photos were taken here:

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