After a long time, I finally made photos with my Canon 80d again The last time was during the autumn holidays. That is more than 4 months ago. I chose a small zoo because I am still recovering from corona. I chose a German zoo, because there is no spring break there, like we have. So Naturzoo Rheine.

In zoos, certain enclosures are often closed during the winter period. So many birds were not to be seen. Too bad, but I was able to shoot a series of faces. I share them below.

Have fun!


Ringstaartmaki - Ringtailed lemur
Ringstaartmaki – Ringtailed lemur




Humboldt pinguin - Humboldt penguin
Humboldt pinguin – Humboldt penguin








Laplanduil – Great grey owl
Laplanduil – Great grey owl




Sitatoenga kalf - Sitatunga calf
Sitatoenga kalf – Sitatunga calf




Oehoe - Eurasian eagle owl
Oehoe – Eurasian eagle owl




Kroonmaki - Crowned lemur
Kroonmaki – Crowned lemur




Kameel - Bactrian camel

Kameel – Bactrian camel



Ooievaar - White stork
Ooievaar – White stork




Ara – Scarlet macaw
Ara – Scarlet macaw




These photos were taken here:

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