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Toekan - Tucan (Avifauna Dec. 2017)

AI & me

Months ago I announced that I would be sharing a new AI experiment. That took much longer than intended. Now the time has come. Below[…]

MidJourney, the ChatGPT for art and illustration

A while ago there was a fuss about ChatGPT. A program that produces entire “original” texts based on a number of terms you enter. Pupils[…]

Marmeranolis (Burgerszoo 2019)

Play time

Time to play some more with photos. All in all, the Zoos will be closed for at least another month. Sigh! I adhere to the[…]

Heliconius hecale (Orchideeenhoeve 2013)

Digital Watercolor Painting

Over the years I have purchased quite a number of Photoshop actions. Today was a good time to play with one of them. The “Digital[…]

Paardenbloem - Dandelion (Natuur, Nature 2020)


Dandelions, they are seen as weeds. Too bad, because they are nice yellow flowers that brighten up nature early in the year. And then when[…]

Aziatische olifant met baby - Asian elephant with baby

Asian elephant with baby

In August 2018 I made this photo of a beautiful Asian elephant with her baby in ZOO Planckendael in Mechelen. There I saw a beautiful[…]

Tijger - Tiger - Digital sketch Photoshop action

One tiger photo …

I took this photo at Burgers Zoo last Friday. I only photographed outside. The weather was pleasant and the expectation for the coming period is[…]


“Painterly” Action Set from Adobe Create Magazine

Sharing a post with a lot of photos. Edits of photos I made in 2019. I’m sharing this many to show how I get to[…]

Grootouders - Grand parents

Watercolor Artist Action

Play time again! And this time you can play too 🙂 I’ve been playing with a Photoshop action that can be downloaded at Adobe for[…]

Hudson Bay wolf (Artis Amsterdam)

Colorful animal twirls

More results of playing with Photoshop actions in combination with my animal photos. I always take a lot of photos and I make different edits[…]