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Siberische tijger - Siberian tiger

Big cats in ZooParc Overloon

Last week I visited ZooParc Overloon. And I loved it again. It is a nice not too big zoo. There are beautiful animals and nice[…]

Bongo (Allwetterzoo Münster)

New on black images

Holiday and too hot to do much. So I decided to edit older photos. I still like to give photos a black background. I’ve also[…]

Roos - Rose

Flowers on black

Still lockdown. I have to say that I am getting tired of it now. I long to be able to go to zoos again. That[…]

Orang oetan - Orangutan (Apenheul 2014)

Emerging from the dark

Old photos, new edits. Editing photos on a black or at least dark background remains fun. I took most of the photos with my old[…]

Gorilla (Beekse bergen 2020)

Gorillas on Black

The website has the subtitle: “My creative explorations”. This post fits that perfectly. In my previous post I wrote about my plan to photograph all[…]

Wingu - Dierenpark Amersfoort

Amazing chimps

Chimpanzees are my favorite primates. Mike in Amersfoort Zoo was my favorite chimpanzee. Mike is gone. When he was shot I had the feeling that[…]

Rüppell's gier - Rüppell's vulture (Beekse Bergen)

New “On black”

Summer break, so I have time for photo editing. Returned to a technique that I often used a while ago. Animal portraits on a black[…]


Expressions on black

The autumn holiday is over now. I have busy weeks ahead again. I still had time to edit photos in my favorite way. Animal portraits[…]

Sumatraanse tijger - Sumatran tiger

Eye contact

With regularity I get the question: How is it that animals look at you like that? How do you get them to look into the[…]

Proud to be chicken

Two weeks ago I was at the Orchideeënhoeve in Luttelgeest. As always a day full of colors, smells and lots of beautiful things. The icing[…]