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Leeuw - Lion

Faces in Beekse Bergen

Last Friday we enjoyed a beautiful late summer day in Safaripark Beekse Bergen. As always, I photographed lots of animals. Below is an impression of[…]

Bao Bao, Gorilla

Apenheul in close up

The last week of my summer holidays, I enjoyed a visit to the Apenheul. The weather was perfect! Not too much sun and not too[…]

Keizertamarin baby - Emperor Tamarin baby

Cuteness overload!

A day at Apenheul today. It was wonderful. Perfect weather and the monkeys cooperated. I came home late this afternoon with a lot of pictures.[…]

Kiango baby gorilla (Apenheul 10-2022)

Primates blog

A small collection of photos of primates. Sometimes already shared in another edit. Others now for the first time. Have fun!        […]

Vuurwants - Fire bug (Raalte 8-2014)

Negative space

Negative space? What’d that? It doesn’t sound very nice! It’s not too bad. It’s a composition option in photography. All photos I share have negative[…]

Slingeraap - Spider monkey

Apenheul Photography: Capturing Enchanting Ape Portraits

The title and text below are taken directly from chat.openai. Another experiment with AI, followed by 6 portraits that I made in the Apenheul on[…]

Bauwi Gorilla in Burger's Zoo 2017

This was Bauwi

Saturday 13 May another beautiful silverback died. Bauwi was the leader of the group at Burger’s Zoo. Over the years I took a lot of[…]

Gelada's in Natur Zoo Rheine (2023)

Monochrome expressions

Social media is full of pictures of “smiling” dogs, cats, monkeys and many other animals. The shape of the beak then resembles the shape of[…]

Oma Mandji en Kiango - Grandma Mandji en Kinago

Gorilla Kiango 2 years old

Photos from Kiango. Kiango was born in March 2021. He is now 2. Unfortunately, his mother Gyasi passed away in July last year. A very[…]

Ringstaartmaki - Ring-tailed lemur

Primates in ZooParc Overloon

Another series of photos taken in ZooParc Overloon. Only now in color and not heavily edited in Photoshop. Primates are one of my favorite subjects.[…]

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