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Zoo in Munster

New on black images

Witte tijger - White tiger (ZooParc Overloon)

Holiday and too hot to do much. So I decided to edit older photos. I still like to give photos a black background. I’ve also tried on white, but I like black better. That’s why here’s a selection of photos…

Red Panda

Kleine panda - Red Panda

A blog with photos of the red or lesser panda. I might offend a lot of people if I say I think pandas are a bit boring. Both the big and the small. They have a high “cuteness-level”, but are…


Sri Lanka panter - Sri Lankan leopard (Buregers Zoo)

My favorite subjects to photograph? Primates and …… Yes, Cats. Therefore a collection of big cats photographed in different zoos. Have fun!                                    …


Jachtluipaard - Cheetah

Summer break and therefore a lot of time to photograph and edit photos. I have visited quite a few zoos in the past few weeks, including two times Allwetter Zoo in Münster. A beautiful zoo with beautiful animals. There are…