Baby faces

Berberaap baby - Barbary macaque (Apenheul 2014)

A blog full of “monkey” babies. They are always so sweet. Some species look a bit like wrinkly old men. This is especially true for baboons and macaques. Yet they are to melt. In recent years I have photographed Read more

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Gorillas on Black

Gorilla (Beekse bergen 2020)

The website has the subtitle: “My creative explorations”. This post fits that perfectly. In my previous post I wrote about my plan to photograph all the chimpanzees in Amersfoort Zoo. Then I want to make a nice adaptation of Read more

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Amazing chimps

Wingu - Dierenpark Amersfoort

Chimpanzees are my favorite primates. Mike in Amersfoort Zoo was my favorite chimpanzee. Mike is gone. When he was shot I had the feeling that I was going to photograph other animals for the time being. After a visit Read more

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High-key September

Grant zebra veulen - Grant's zebra foal (Safaripark Beekse bergen)

Today was the last day of a wonderful long weekend. Time to visit zoos and edit photos. In September I went to 3 zoos and all 3 are represented here. If you follow me longer, then you know I Read more

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New “On black”

Rüppell's gier - Rüppell's vulture (Beekse Bergen)

Summer break, so I have time for photo editing. Returned to a technique that I often used a while ago. Animal portraits on a black background.


Gorilla (Beekse Bergen)




Ringstaartmaki – Ring-tailed lemur (Beekse Bergen)

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Sleeping Beekse Bergen

Jachtluipaard - Cheetah

Friday, nice zoo, nice animals, but they were all sleep. Now I must say that the weather was also very inviting to hit proverbial hay. But this way taking interesting photos is not easy. However, it does provide a Read more

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Beekse Bergen Birds

Kroonkraanvogel - Grey crowned crane

Yesterday I went to Safaripark de Beekse Bergen for the first time. I photographed there with my photography girlfriend Evi. It was a nice day and we were able to make nice photos. The weather was very poor. There Read more

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