Rainbow colors

Regenboog lori - Rainbow lorikeet

There are so many beautiful colors in nature. There aren’t many animals that wear all of the primary colors with as much flair as rainbow lorikeet. They are busy and noisy, but also so beautiful! In several zoos they Read more

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Emerging from the dark

Orang oetan - Orangutan (Apenheul 2014)

Old photos, new edits. Editing photos on a black or at least dark background remains fun. I took most of the photos with my old camera and first lens. Both not the quality I have now. Often there is Read more

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Close-ups in Wildlands

Kleinklauwotter - Asian small-clawed otter

Finally I have photographed again. Except for some family photos, my camera hadn’t been out of the bag for a month. Corona, bad weather and too busy. Yesterday we managed to go to Wildlands in Emmen for half a Read more

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New “On black”

Rüppell's gier - Rüppell's vulture (Beekse Bergen)

Summer break, so I have time for photo editing. Returned to a technique that I often used a while ago. Animal portraits on a black background.


Gorilla (Beekse Bergen)




Ringstaartmaki – Ring-tailed lemur (Beekse Bergen)

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Beekse Bergen Birds

Kroonkraanvogel - Grey crowned crane

Yesterday I went to Safaripark de Beekse Bergen for the first time. I photographed there with my photography girlfriend Evi. It was a nice day and we were able to make nice photos. The weather was very poor. There Read more

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Colorful kisses

Carolina-eend - Wood duck

Every visit to the Orchid Farm produces many photos. This time again there was a lot to see. So many colors, smells and beauty.

In the Makirijk, besides lemurs (maki’s), there are also many beautiful birds. Many duck species, Read more

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Feathered photos

Regenboog lori - Rainbow lorikeet (Orchideeënhoeve 2018)
A new blog with old photos. These are from 2018 and 2019. Birds I photographed in various zoos. Below each photo is the name of the species and where and when the photo was taken. Have fun watching 🙂

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Artis in profile

Rode vari - Red ruffed lemur

I have made a good start to the new year. At half past eight in the morning I was on the train to Amsterdam on my way to Artis. It was a beautiful day. I have seen a lot, Read more

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Griffon vultures

Vale gier – Griffon vulture

Last week I visited Dierenpark Amersfoort. They have some of my favorite animals and birds. I love the huge cage for birds. A flight cage where huge birds like griffon vultures, white pelicans and marabou’s can swim, walk and Read more

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