Paddington, Baloo, Teddy and co.

Bruin beer - Brown bear (Dierenpark Amersfoort 2020)

A post with bears. Lots of different bears that I have photographed in the past 5 years. When there are bears in the zoo, I usually make an attempt to take pictures of them. They don’t often end up Read more

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Amazing chimps

Wingu - Dierenpark Amersfoort

Chimpanzees are my favorite primates. Mike in Amersfoort Zoo was my favorite chimpanzee. Mike is gone. When he was shot I had the feeling that I was going to photograph other animals for the time being. After a visit Read more

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Love and tenderness

Mantelbavianen - Hamadryas baboons

Today a day at Amersfoort Zoo. Two weeks ago I thought, I will not go there for the time being. Immediately after the death Mike and Karibuna I did not feel like it. Today I subscribed to this park.

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With a smile on your face

Golilla (Burgers Zoo 2014)

More old photos, made from 2014 to 2020. Photos showing animals with a smile, that might bring a smile on your face even in these difficult times.

I know animal facial expressions are not like our expressions. Most photos Read more

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Javaanse langoer - Javan lutung (Apenheul)

More forgotten photos. I edited lots of photos I made in 2018 and 2019. I always make a lot of photos, but don’t always share them. The corona lockdown is a great moment to go back and edit them Read more

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Lippenbeer - Sloth bear (Naturzoo Rheine)
Another post with old photos. I last visited a zoo in February. It will probably take a while before we can go there again. I went through my older photos. I always make a lot Read more
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Oerang oetang - Orangutan (Apenheul)
A new post with old photos. I last visited a zoo in February. It will probably take a while before we can go there again. I miss it, but staying at home in connection with corona is just more Read more
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Nibbling on a straw

Prairiehond - Prairie dog

Then you finally have a beautiful zoom lens (yes!) And then some animals come very close. Too close, oops 😉 Then you do whatever is possible.

I share a number of pictures of prairie dogs that actually came a Read more

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Griffon vultures

Vale gier – Griffon vulture

Last week I visited Dierenpark Amersfoort. They have some of my favorite animals and birds. I love the huge cage for birds. A flight cage where huge birds like griffon vultures, white pelicans and marabou’s can swim, walk and Read more

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