2020 leftovers 1

Rode vari - Red ruffed lemur (Artis)

Lockdown, so no new photos. Time to go through my photos from 2020. From every visit, there are photos that don’t fit in to a post. I usually have a theme for a post. So now I’m posting leftovers. Read more

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Paddington, Baloo, Teddy and co.

Bruin beer - Brown bear (Dierenpark Amersfoort 2020)

A post with bears. Lots of different bears that I have photographed in the past 5 years. When there are bears in the zoo, I usually make an attempt to take pictures of them. They don’t often end up Read more

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Sri Lanka panter - Sri Lankan leopard (Buregers Zoo)

My favorite subjects to photograph? Primates and …… Yes, Cats. Therefore a collection of big cats photographed in different zoos.

Have fun!



Jachtluipaard – Cheetah (Allwetterzoo Münster)




Rode lynx – Bobcat (Allwetterzoo Münster)


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High-key September

Grant zebra veulen - Grant's zebra foal (Safaripark Beekse bergen)

Today was the last day of a wonderful long weekend. Time to visit zoos and edit photos. In September I went to 3 zoos and all 3 are represented here. If you follow me longer, then you know I Read more

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Rheine looks back at you

Sumatraanse tijger - Sumatran tiger

Yesterday I was in Naturzoo Rheine. It was wonderfully quiet, the weather was good and I had fun taking photographs. In short, it was a nice day!

When you are in the zoo you sometimes wonder: who is looking Read more

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Big cats

Sumatraanse tijger - Sumatran tiger (Naturzoo Rheine 2019)

New post with old photos. Well, not all of them are old. Some are from 2020, but it goes back to 2016. New edits and photos that have not been shared on the internet before.

Big cats are one Read more

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Black and white big cats

Sumatraanse tijger - Sumatran tiger (Naturzoo Rheine 2019)

Primates, birds of prey and big cats are my favorite subjects to photograph. In addition, I actually love all nature and all animals. Because until a few months ago I mainly made portraits, I have a lot of portraits Read more

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Javaanse langoer - Javan lutung (Apenheul)

More forgotten photos. I edited lots of photos I made in 2018 and 2019. I always make a lot of photos, but don’t always share them. The corona lockdown is a great moment to go back and edit them Read more

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Lippenbeer - Sloth bear (Naturzoo Rheine)
Another post with old photos. I last visited a zoo in February. It will probably take a while before we can go there again. I went through my older photos. I always make a lot Read more
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