Colorful cleaning

Geelvleugelara - Scarlet macaw

After a while of being far too busy, finally vacation. Time for taking pictures and editing. I took the photos in this blog in the Orchideeënhoeve. A series with scarlet macaws, new residents of the park. They are beautiful Read more

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Rainbow colors

Regenboog lori - Rainbow lorikeet

There are so many beautiful colors in nature. There aren’t many animals that wear all of the primary colors with as much flair as rainbow lorikeet. They are busy and noisy, but also so beautiful! In several zoos they Read more

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The white-lipped tamarin

Roodbuiktamarins - White-lipped tamarin

The white-lipped tamarin is a small monkey with white lips, red belly and a very long tail. Furthermore, it is black with gray locks. He can jump very well! His weight does not exceed 450 grams. They are about Read more

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Colorful kisses

Carolina-eend - Wood duck

Every visit to the Orchid Farm produces many photos. This time again there was a lot to see. So many colors, smells and beauty.

In the Makirijk, besides lemurs (maki’s), there are also many beautiful birds. Many duck species, Read more

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The beauty of the butterfly

Tithorea tarricina



“We delight in the beauty of the butterfly,

but rarely admit the changes it has gone through

to achieve that beauty.”

― Maya Angelou



Heliconius cydno



Tithorea tarricina




Greta oto

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Beautiful colors and shapes of orchids

Orchidee - Orchid

Today my first visit to the Orchids farm in corona time. I had reserved the first time possible to enter. My estimate was good, there was hardly anyone. Wonderfully quiet and safe. It may sound selfish, but it never Read more

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Flying colors …

Ara - Scarlet macaw

Birds, they come in to many colors. Some birds have many colors on their own. That is the kind of birds I’m sharing in this post. Most photos were taken last Wednesday. I visited Naturzoo Rheine for the first Read more

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Phragmipedium Sedenii

Looking at the title, you might have expected this post to be about shoes. Naaaah! My photos are seldom about shoes. I’m sharing photos of Venus slippers, all taken at the Orchideeën Hoeve. The official name is Paphiopedilum. I Read more

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Animals at the Orchideeën Hoeve

Ringstaartmaki - Ring-tailed lemur

More photos from my visit to the Orchideeën Hoeve last Wednesday. In the past it was mainly a place to admire flowers where they also had a lori garden and a butterfly garden. Meanwhile more and more animals and Read more

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