Aalscholver - Cormorant

Sometimes you just have to be lucky. I have often tried to take beautiful pictures of cormorants. I regularly see them fishing in the Overijssels canal or in Park Drostenkamp. You see me walking back and forth hoping that Read more

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Baby faces

Berberaap baby - Barbary macaque (Apenheul 2014)

A blog full of “monkey” babies. They are always so sweet. Some species look a bit like wrinkly old men. This is especially true for baboons and macaques. Yet they are to melt. In recent years I have photographed Read more

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Big cats

Sumatraanse tijger - Sumatran tiger (Naturzoo Rheine 2019)

New post with old photos. Well, not all of them are old. Some are from 2020, but it goes back to 2016. New edits and photos that have not been shared on the internet before.

Big cats are one Read more

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Black and white big cats

Sumatraanse tijger - Sumatran tiger (Naturzoo Rheine 2019)

Primates, birds of prey and big cats are my favorite subjects to photograph. In addition, I actually love all nature and all animals. Because until a few months ago I mainly made portraits, I have a lot of portraits Read more

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With a smile on your face

Golilla (Burgers Zoo 2014)

More old photos, made from 2014 to 2020. Photos showing animals with a smile, that might bring a smile on your face even in these difficult times.

I know animal facial expressions are not like our expressions. Most photos Read more

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Monochrome primates

Bouwi, Gorilla (Burgers Zoo, Arnhem)

Recently I didn’t have much time to go out and make photos. Today I did have time to edit. So I’m sharing a selection of primates edited in Lightroom, Photoshop and the Silver Efex Pro. I hope you’ll like Read more

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Oehoe - Eurasian eagle owl (NaturZoo Rheine)

Owls are among my favorite birds. That is because of their behavior and their beautiful eyes. In the past years I have taken many pictures. I’m sharing photos with the species and where the photo was taken under the Read more

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