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Promotion videos
Today I made a number of promotional videos for my website. For me it was practice to see what is
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Sneeuwuil - Snowy owl
A composite in photography is an image that is made of two or more photos. I love playing wit photo’s.
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Roos - Rose
Red, the color of warmth, love and Christmas. Fits well in the time of the year. Some new photos and
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Really close-up!
Photos I made in the past years and where I got really close-up!              
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Lidcactus - Schlumbergera - Crab cactus
Crab cactus
They bloom again! Late November and it is beautiful. I have three in three different colors. Red, white and salmon
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Leeuwin - Lioness
The big cats are among my favorite subjects to photograph. Unfortunately, they’re not always the perfect model. Very often they
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