A small surprise
Again pictures taken in Blijdorp, the Zoo in Rotterdam. Animals that I have not photographed that often. But here it
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Aziatische leeuw - Asiatic lion
Cuteness overload
Last Wednesday I went to Blijdorp in Rotterdam for a day. As far as I am concerned, that is the
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Siberische tijger - Siberian tiger
Last August I went to Allwetterzoo in Munster, Germany. A beautiful zoo. I made one post about it, but forgot
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Cover for marketing post
Promotion videos
Today I made a number of promotional videos for my website. For me it was practice to see what is
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Sneeuwuil - Snowy owl
A composite in photography is an image that is made of two or more photos. I love playing wit photo’s.
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Roos - Rose
Red, the color of warmth, love and Christmas. Fits well in the time of the year. Some new photos and
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