Anja Wessels Photography

So good to see you here!

On this website you can follow  my creative explorations. You can view my best photos. You can purchase prints and find where else you can see my work  on the Internet.

It’s all about photography and photo editing.

Spend some time here, let me know what you think
and most of all:

Have fun!


Berberaap - Barbary macaque

Barbary macaques

Barbary macaques are macaques that you encounter on the rock of Gibraltar, but also in many zoos. When they are […]


Gorilla portraits

The Apenheul is now closed. Too bad we have to wait so long before it is open. Fortunately I still […]

Prairiehond - Prairie dog

Nibbling on a straw

Then you finally have a beautiful zoom lens (yes!) And then some animals come very close. Too close, oops 😉 […]


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