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So good to see you here!

On this website you can follow  my creative explorations. You can view my best photos. You can purchase prints and find where else you can see my work  on the Internet.

It’s all about photography and photo editing.

Spend some time here, let me know what you think
and most of all:

Have fun!


Sri Lanka panter - Sri Lankan leopard (Buregers Zoo)


My favorite subjects to photograph? Primates and …… Yes, Cats. Therefore a collection of big cats photographed in different zoos. […]

Mantelbavianen - Hamadryas baboons

Love and tenderness

Today a day at Amersfoort Zoo. Two weeks ago I thought, I will not go there for the time being. […]

Leeuwen welp - Lion cub


A week ago I was at Burgers Zoo. I could do that just before they closed for 2 weeks due […]

Goudkopleeuwaap - Golden-headed lion tamarin

Last visit at the Apenheul

This Saturday I went to the Apenheul for the last time this year. I was lucky with the weather. An […]


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