The blues

Blue is my favorite color, I do not know what my favorite color is now. All colors have something special. So you see that photography changes your view of things. Everything becomes much more beautiful. Anyway, a selection of years with the color blue.


Selection of photos made in the Apenheul. I think wednesday was my last visit of 2018. Again I loved every minute of it. The weather was amazing. Not to many visitors. Perfect! My photos weren’t all the way I hope they would be. Especially shoting the orangutan I thought: why don’t I have a better READ MORE

Beautiful roses

Roses are my favorite flowers. I love all flowers, but roses…… And these are amazing. The colors are so soft and sweet. Wow! And what I love even more, is that they are very inexpensive. I buy them for 3 Euros in the local supermarket Albert Heijn. Some photos I made.

There’s more to come

Been busy with the camera today. I had already bought some flowers on Saturday. I thought: it does not happen again that I’m too late for photos. Well, and then it turns out that you’re too early for the Crocosmia. Although, these flowers always bloom with a few flowers and the older ones wither. It READ MORE

Delicious dahlias

Dahlias, I used to think they were old-fashioned flowers. Now I’m a photographer, I think they are beautiful. Photography makes you look at things differently. By looking better, you can see how beautiful everything is. In recent years I have photographed many Dahlias and I have them in my garden. Sharing: delicious dahlias

Roses are red ….

The title is not quite right, because not one of the 8 roses is red. I’m sharing photos I have made in recent years. A number of in a new edit. The rose always was my favorite flower. In the meantime I find a lot of flowers beautiful, because I look at them differently through photography. READ MORE