Today I bought flowers at Passie Flora Salland to photograph. Many flowers, too many flowers: P I only photographed one this afternoon. I found this gladiolin so beautiful! The soft color the beautiful shapes. All beauty. The rest will be in next posts. If at least I have enough time to photograph them all before READ MORE

Cambria Catatante

After reinstalling my laptop, NAS and reorganizing the storage of my photos, I finally have time to photograph. The flowers I bought today were too tightly packed. The beautiful dahlia that I immediately fell in love with in the store, was completely wrinkled. Bah! Therefore photos of one of my orchids. An orange orchid with READ MORE

A walk at Schoonheten

The weather was beautiful again today. Wonderful weather for a walk. Today I went to Schoonheten hoping to photograph mushrooms. Unfortunately, I have hardly seen them. I didn’t think it was worth photographing what was there. It may be too dry. But I’m going to make a new attempt this autumn. A lot of wood READ MORE

Autumn walk

This afternoon I did a short walk in my the neighborhood. An “autumn walk” because I went for autumn colors. Every day I pass a hedge whose leaves increasingly color. At the moment the colors are unlikely fierce, especially because the sun shone on them. The walk felt strange. It was 26 degrees Celsius today. READ MORE


Selection of flower photos I made in recent years. All in soft pastel colors. The colors of the flowers are real, backgrounds and image borders sometimes are made softer. One of the photos was unsharp by accident. Turnes out some small accidents can have very nice results (pink eustoma).

In my garden

You do not always need to travel long distances to take pictures. Sometimes two steps from the front door is perfect too. Last year, I changed en renewed everything in my front yard. I decided to plant flowers. Everywhere gardens are laid out “maintenance-friendly”. This usually means that the garden changes into a large gravel READ MORE