Crab cactus

They bloom again! Late November and it is beautiful. I have three in three different colors. Red, white and salmon colored. Too bad they bloom such a short time. The rest of the year they will look a bit boring again. The salmon one had already withered after a week, so pictures of this plant READ MORE


The big cats are among my favorite subjects to photograph. Unfortunately, they’re not always the perfect model. Very often they are sleeping and in hiding or very boring. Sometimes if you are lucky, the eyes are open. And even less often they come into action. I share a collection of big cats from the past READ MORE

Lily of the Incas

Alstroemeria A collection of flowers. I have not bought them for a while. Most of the photos are a few years old already. Partly new edited. So much color, beautiful stamens, really beautiful to photograph. They are also in the vase for a long time. What else coud we wish for…. So, Alstroemeria šŸ™‚

Birds at the Orchideeƫn Hoeve

Photos taken at the Orchideeƫn Hoeve. Birds this time. With the last expansion, a lot has of birds have been added. The enclosure is called Makirijk (Lemur country), but it is also a large flight cage with beautiful colorful birds. For me the birds are the most important, because I have already photographed many lemurs READ MORE


Flowers are beautiful, but often and certainly in autumn, just the leaves are beautiful! A post with beautiful colored leaves.                                                      


Last week I visited the Orchideeƫn Hoeve in Luttelgeest. As always,I loved it! The greenhouses with orchids were somewhat bare. I thinkt it was harvested recently. But this was amply compensated by the many other beautiful flowers. Striking were also the beautiful hibiscus bushes in the tropical garden and butterfly garden. So many different colors. READ MORE