Posts from February 2019

Bij op krokus - Bee on Crocus

A field full of crocuses

It was beautiful weather today. A heat record was broken. Every spring numerous crocuses bloom in our village in a place where there used to[…]

Onbekend - Unknown

Flowers in Burgers Bush

Burgers Bush is a fantastic place to photograph! A huge indoor rainforest with so many plants and animals. If you have an eye for it,[…]

Sumatraanse tijger - Sumatran tiger

Sumatran tigers in Burgers Zoo

This week I went to Burgers Zoo twice. A beautiful zoo and nice and close. After a ride of 45 minutes, the enjoyment can begin.[…]

Primula - Primrose


Today was a wonderful day. Time to go out with the camera. I ended my photography day with a visit to Groenrijk Raalte. It was[…]

Hyasinth ara - Hyacinth macaw

Faces in Blijdorp

The last zoo I visited was Blijdorp. I was there in December and in January. Beautiful zoo! Here a number of faces that I photographed.[…]

Guru’s Picks

In previous blogs I have already written that I participate in challenges on I have now moved up to Master. One more step to[…]

Trichostigma peruvianum

Macro flowers

For Gurushots I once again went into my photography past. I share a number of macros of flowers here. Partly new edits. The first photo[…]