Almost every year I buy fuchsias. They are beautiful flowers to look at. The shape also makes it beautiful subjects to photograph. Unfortunately, they are very sensitive to aphids. I never kill insects, because they all have a function in nature. The aphids can cause so much damage to the plants that I do try READ MORE

Black and white big cats

Primates, birds of prey and big cats are my favorite subjects to photograph. In addition, I actually love all nature and all animals. Because until a few months ago I mainly made portraits, I have a lot of portraits of big cats. Three of the photos below are published for the first time. The other READ MORE

With a smile on your face

More old photos, made from 2014 to 2020. Photos showing animals with a smile, that might bring a smile on your face even in these difficult times. I know animal facial expressions are not like our expressions. Most photos are lucky shots and they are not realy smiling. But it looks nice 🙂 Have fun! READ MORE


This morning I went birding at a pond near my house. I was early and hoped to be alone there. I was not, there were several fishermen. That was OK. I was there with my Tamron 150 – 600 mm, hoping to shoot some waterfowl. And I did, but after a while more people started READ MORE


In the past 6 weeks I have barely photographed. Because of corona I could go nowhere. I am also busy at school because of corona, because as an ICT I arrange distance teaching. Today I wanted to do something again. And that was allowed inside. Seven of the orchids I have are in bloom. With READ MORE