This Chrysanthemum I bought last week at De Plantage, a florist in our village. The intention was to take photos of it that day. A group of photos of a flower. Things did not go as planned that day. Therefore today in the second chance. Sharing 1 flower, 6 photos.           READ MORE

A small surprise

Again pictures taken in Blijdorp, the Zoo in Rotterdam. Animals that I have not photographed that often. But here it is nice, because you can go in to the enclosure. So no fence or glass and they are close. These are Swamp Wallabies. They are not that big and look very cute. And then those beautiful READ MORE


Last August I went to Allwetterzoo in Munster, Germany. A beautiful zoo. I made one post about it, but forgot te edit other photos of that visit. So now I’m sharing a selection of shots of that day. There is more, so there is more to come. To be continued 🙂