Flowers have company

We have a heat wave in the Netherlands. I am not a fan of very high temperatures. It is vacation, so I give myself a tropical roster. Getting up early (around 5:30 a.m.), afternoon siesta with afternoon nap and to bed late at night. It is wonderful to go outside early with the camera. Yesterday READ MORE


This morning I got up early to go to Fortmond. One of my favorite places along the IJssel. A little disappointed I came home again. I was hoping to shoot some butterflies, but there were only a few of them and I could not take pictures of them. Everything is so dry and brown. If READ MORE

Feathered friends

This year I bought a subscription for the Apenheul. That is the third time now. I also skipped a year, but keep going there again and again. In the past 4, 5 years I have taken many photos. Also many of birds. For the first time I also photographed one of the free flying macaws READ MORE


It was national news: twins born in the Apenheul. Golden lion tamarins. Wow! I did not expect to see them, but I did see them. The family runs around freely in the park and is very visible. So sweet! Making good pictures of it is not easy. It would be nice to see two cups READ MORE


The lemurs are a family of primates that only live on Madagascar and nearby islands. In recent years I have been to the Apenheul many times and have photographed all the leur species they have. There are 8 species in the Apenheul. 5 of them roam free in the park. 3 types are behind glass. READ MORE