Posts from August 2018

Monniksgier Cinereous vulture

Curved beaks in Allwetter Zoo

Last Wednesday I went to Allwetter Zoo in Munster for the first time. What a beautiful zoo. Very nicely laid out and the animals are[…]

Heliconius hecale

Butterflies in the Orchichideeën Hoeve

A blog to watch. A collection of photos of butterflies in the butterfly garden of the Orchideeën Hoeve in Luttelgeest. I have had a subscription[…]


Funny face

Again a number of photos taken in Planckendael near Mechelen. This time pictures of emu’s. Such funny animals ! I photographed two. This is the[…]

Water lily

Flowers in Planckendael

Planckendael is the zoo at Mechelen in Belgium. I was there this week and it was a wonderful day. It is a beautiful zoo where[…]

Aziatische olifant
Asian elephant

Elephants in Planckendael

Yesterday I was in Planckendael with a photography friend, a zoo near Mechelen in Belgium. The weather was lovely and we enjoyed it a lot.[…]

Kalanchoë - Widow's-thrill

Flowers at Groenrijk

A collection of photos from my visit to Groenrijk yesterday. This time modified to a dark version. Lately all my flowers were light or on[…]


Insects at Groenrijk

Today I had to photograph my bad mood away :P. That is why I went to Groenrijk Raalte with the camera. I’m allowed to take[…]

Smartphone zinnea

Smartphone Zinnea

Like every Saturday morning I was with my mother for a cup of coffee this morning. After that I always do the shopping for the[…]


The news paper

Had to try something new with my photos and Photoshop. It was a time-consuming search. 3 photos in this blog. I wanted more, but I[…]


Poke the bear

Playing with Photoshop and a picture of a brown bear taken in Dierenpark Amersfoort. This gray old bear looks very dangerous. I don’t exactly know[…]