Since a while I am active on There are always different challenges where you are in competition with other photographers. There are all kinds of topics. At the moment, among other things, I participate in the subject of Minimalism. I share here the photos I have sent. About, I say one thing: Think READ MORE

Proud to be chicken

Two weeks ago I was at the OrchideeĂ«nhoeve in Luttelgeest. As always a day full of colors, smells and lots of beautiful things. The icing on the cake was a poultry exhibition. What beautiful birds and other animals! Here a selection of roosters complete with their beautiful combs and proud look.         READ MORE

Bright colors!

Last week I started a  I started a GuruShots account. is a photography game, they say. It’s free, but if you want to get ahead, you have to buy swaps, fills and keys. Good quality of your photos does not mean that you end up high. It is determined by votes. Seems very fair, but the system READ MORE