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Hyasinth ara - Hyacinth macaw

Last week I started a  I started a GuruShots account. is a photography game, they say. It’s free, but if you want to get ahead, you have to buy swaps, fills and keys. Good quality of your photos does not mean that you end up high. It is determined by votes. Seems very fair, but the system determines whether or not your photo is seen. Only than people can vote for your foto. To be seen you need swaps, fills and keys. And then we are back at the begining of this post.

Fine way to earn money for GuruShots. It again shows that nothing on the internet is free.

Positive about starting that account was that I looked op a lot of old photos. The challenges were about colors, bright colors. So here some of the bright colored shots I entered.


Hyasinth ara - Hyacinth macaw

Hyasinth ara – Hyacinth macaw



Kat - Cat

Kat – Cat



Regenboog lori - Rainbow lorikeet

Regenboog lori – Rainbow lorikeet



Kroonduif - Western crowned pigeon

Kroonduif – Western crowned pigeon




Bij – Bee







Pauw - Peacock

Pauw – Peacock



Blue morpho

Blue morpho



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