A day at Apenheul

Kroonsifaka - Crowned sifaka

A series of photos taken during a day at Apenheul. The weather was fantastic and luckily it was very quiet again. More and more parts are accessible. You can now go anywhere again, except for the Barbary macaques.

For the first time I also saw a feed presentation of the gorillas. The photo below is of Bao Bao, the silverback.


Kroonsifaka - Crowned sifaka
Kroonsifaka – Crowned sifaka




Javaanse langoer - Javan lutung
Javaanse langoer – Javan lutung




Jonge Witwanggibbon - Young Northern white-cheeked gibbon
Jonge Witwanggibbon – Young Northern white-cheeked gibbon




Orang-oetan - Orangutan
Orang-oetan – Orangutan








Ringstaartmaki - Ring-tailed lemur
Ringstaartmaki – Ring-tailed lemur




Leeuwenstaartmakaak - Lion-tailed macaque
Leeuwenstaartmakaak – Lion-tailed macaque



These photos were taken here:

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