Animals at the Orchideeën Hoeve

Ringstaartmaki - Ring-tailed lemur

More photos from my visit to the Orchideeën Hoeve last Wednesday. In the past it was mainly a place to admire flowers where they also had a lori garden and a butterfly garden. Meanwhile more and more animals and birds are added. In almost all gardens there are birds, in the greenhouses sometimes wild birds that come in one way or another.

They keep expanding. The most recent expansion are the meerkats (see my previous post). Makirijk is also quite new, with two types of lemurs. The Makirijk is especially a large fly cage with a lot of birds. Many duck species (with a species on the photo of which I don’t know the name) and with flamingos.

In the Amazon rainforest department you can see small monkeys. They are monkeys that have found a new home in the Orchideeën Hoeve through Stichting AAP. Stichting AAP rescues monkeys and other animals from bad situations and from the illegal animal trade. The monkeys now have a beautiful and large stay in the form of this tropical garden.

Of course I also had to share a Lori. They are so beautiful! Finally, a video that I shared as a story on Instagram and Facebook.

Ringstaartmaki - Ring-tailed lemur
Ringstaartmaki – Ring-tailed lemur
Eend - Duck
Eend – Duck
Onbekende eend - Unknown duck
Onbekende eend – Unknown duck
Cubaanse flamingo – American flamingo
Cubaanse flamingo – American flamingo
Stokstaartjes - Meerkat
Stokstaartjes – Meerkat
Roodbuiktamarins - White-lipped tamarin
Roodbuiktamarin – White-lipped tamarin
Regenboog lori - Rainbow lorikeet
Regenboog lori – Rainbow lorikeet
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  1. P A CHAMBERS says:

    Magnificent pictures! You have great patience.
    Thanks for letting me continue to view your beautiful photos after G+ closed down.
    You are very talented , skilled, and have a great insight as a photographer.
    Thanks so much for sharing your time, thoughts and outstanding creative photography photos with me.
    I do enjoy seeing your work.
    Best Wishes to you !
    I hope you will continue to get many, mannnny awards for your beautiful work!

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