Kuifseriema Red-legged seriema

Last Wednesday I was the Apenheul. A beautiful day, wonderful weather and it wasn’t busy. Perfect! Of course I made a lot of pictures of apes and monkeys. That will be other blogs. What many people don’t know is that there are other animals too. Especially many birds. They also walk and fly freely around the park. So it can happen that you unexpectedly come face to face with a large bird, such as a nandu or this Red-legged. A bird that is not very noticeable, apart from the beautiful blue eyes and the tuft.

This time I did not suddenly come face to face with this couple. I heard a lot of noise from far away. And yes, it was this noisy couple. I wanted to come closer to take pictures, but I wondered at the same time whether it would still be necessary to put earplugs in the camera bag next time. They were shouting at each other very loudly. It could be heard miles away.

I share some photos and a short video to give an impression of the duet that the seriemas “sang”.

Translate: Kuifseriema
Red-legged seriema
Translate: KuifseriemaRed-legged seriema
Red-legged seriema
Red-legged seriema
Red-legged seriema

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