Faces in Burgers zoo

My most recent zoo visits were to Burgers Zoo. I have taken out a subscription for this year. There will definitely be more photos on this website that are made in this zoo. In this blog 7 photos, of which 3 of this year and some older photos. It varies from the kind looking head of Bauwi and the perky gaze of a African penguin to a “smiling” bongo. All beautiful animals where I hope to see a lot more of this year.


Gorilla (Bauwi)

Gorilla (Bauwi)



Dikhoornschaap - Bighorn sheep

Dikhoornschaap – Bighorn sheep



Sumatraanse tijger - Sumatran tiger

Sumatraanse tijger – Sumatran tiger







Goudwanggibbon - Yellow-cheeked gibbon

Goudwanggibbon – Yellow-cheeked gibbon



Zwartvoetpinguïn - African penguin

Zwartvoetpinguïn – African penguin







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  1. And God blessed you with a wonderful talent for photography -praises to our God! Thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures.

  2. Hi Anja just wondering if I can use the photo of bauwi for a base of a art quilt? This is for a club challenge, if the image is allowed I would use the out line of bauwi and use fabric and thread to create an image like him.
    Kind regards

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