Faces in Osnabrück Zoo

Rode panda - Red panda

Yesterday I went to Zoo Osnabrück. I had big plans to shoot, but I was on my way home after 2.5 hours. I have traveled longer than photographed. Unfortunately, I had a sore foot. Zoo Osnabrück is not suitable for visitors with limited mobility.

Even though I only saw part of the zoo this time, did I take enough photos to make a blog. Here it is 🙂

Slingeraap - Spider monkeys
Slingeraap – Spider monkeys
Prairiehond - Prairie dog
Prairiehond – Prairie dog
Chimpansee - Chinpanzee
Chimpansee – Chimpanzee
Rode panda - Red panda
Rode panda – Red panda
Poolvos - Arctic fox
Poolvos – Arctic fox
Waterbok - Waterbuck
Waterbok – Waterbuck
Slingeraap - Spider monkeys
Slingeraap – Spider monkeys
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