Finally I could go to the apenheul

Leeuwenstaartmakaak - Lion-tailed macaque

Yesterday was the day, for the first time this year I went to the Apenheul. I have a subscription every year. Normally I would have gone there much earlier, but yes, corona made everything different.

After much deliberation I made a reservation. As a caregiver you wonder whether it is possible. So on a day when very few visitors could enter at the earliest time, I registered. A test visit. Can I go to a zoo responsibly in corona time ….?

Yes I can and it was great! An adapted route and I have not seen all animals, because several parts of the zoo are closed. Still I enjoyed and came back completely relaxed. The park looked beautiful. All trees and shrubs with fresh greenery. A lot has been renovated and these adjustments are very nice. The corona adjustments are good and everyone followed the rules. Top! I don’t know what it will be like when it gets busier. I understood that they upscale to about 1000 visitors a day (now there were fewer). But I think it can be done this way. This way we can enjoy a zoo responsibly.

When I got home my pictures turned out better than I expected. I was messing with the lens. I have not used the lens very much and after months of pause it was still a bit of a puzzle.
See the result here.

Leeuwenstaartmakaak - Lion-tailed macaque
Leeuwenstaartmakaak – Lion-tailed macaque
Slingeraap - Spider monkeys
Slingeraap – Spider monkeys
Javaanse langoer - Javan lutung
Javaanse langoer – Javan lutung
Hanuman langoer - Gray langur
Hanuman langoer – Gray langur
Witgezichtsaki - White-faced saki
Witgezichtsaki – White-faced saki
Rode titi - Coppery titi
Rode titi – Coppery titi
Zilver-oeistiti - Silvery marmoset
Zilver-oeistiti – Silvery marmoset
Roodkruinmangabey - Collared mangabey
Roodkruinmangabey – Collared mangabey
Javaanse langoer - Javan lutung
Javaanse langoer – Javan lutung

These photos were taken here:

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