Last visit to the Apenheul this season

Baby Berberaap - Barbary macaque

Last Friday was still a bit late-summer. The temperature was pleasant and the weather was beautiful. Perfect for a last visit to the Apenheul After Sunday the park will be closed until the spring of 2022. I loved it.

With the beautiful fall colors as a background, I made a (portrait) photo of as many species as possible. Most of the photos are barely edited.







Rode springaap (titi) - Coppery titi
Rode springaap (titi) – Coppery titi




Gorilla Gyasi & Kiango
Gorilla Gyasi & Kiango




L'Hoest meerkat - L'Hoest's monkey
L’Hoest meerkat – L’Hoest’s monkey




Witgezichtsaki - White-faced saki
Witgezichtsaki – White-faced saki






This gibbon lady had a very thick lip. I didn’t like that so she had a Photoshop beauty treatment 😉






Ringstaartmaki - Ring-tailed lemur
Ringstaartmaki – Ring-tailed lemur




Leeuwenstaartmakaak - Lion-tailed macaque
Leeuwenstaartmakaak – Lion-tailed macaque




Roodbuikmaki - Red-bellied lemur
Roodbuikmaki – Red-bellied lemur




Baby Berberaap - Barbary macaque
Baby Berberaap – Barbary macaque



This last photo is not great quality. They were under the canopy. A little too dark. The photo is very grainy. But I like the emotion so much that I place it anyway.


Hanuman langur - Gray langur
Hanuman langur – Gray langur



These photos were taken here:

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