Alstroemeria - Lily of the Incas
Lily of the Incas
Alstroemeria A collection of flowers. I have not bought them for a while. Most of the photos are a few
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Berberaap - Barbary macaque
Barbary macaques
Barbary macaques, they start their lives as wrinkly old people. Cute, but not really the prettiest. After a while they
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Orchidee - Orchid
Orchids at the Orchideeën Hoeve
Here it finally is, a blog about the Orchideeën Hoeve with orchid photos 🙂 Photos I made during my most
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Mandarijneend – Mandarin duck
Birds at the Orchideeën Hoeve
Photos taken at the Orchideeën Hoeve. Birds this time. With the last expansion, a lot has of birds have been
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Flower splendor at the Orchideeën Hoeve
A whole series of photos from my visit to the Orchideeën Hoeve. This is my third post, and I have
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Noorse Esdoorn
Flowers are beautiful, but often and certainly in autumn, just the leaves are beautiful! A post with beautiful colored leaves.
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