A pink tree

I could not wait for Spring to begin. Like everyone, I was really ready for sun and good weather. Every year you think that it took extra long this year, but if I look back in my photos of the past years, then it did not take extra long. This year was special. Long cold and gray weather and then suddenly beautiful summer days. Result: a blossom explosion! Trees were pink from one day to the next. Because it was not raining, all the blossoms were perfect, no brown spots, it was perfect. Magnificent!

For a while I was in doubt. Do I still want to take picture? Why did I buy that new camera, I hardly use it. It was an inspiration dip. And then this pink tree ….. I went for a walk, but did not get far. I stood under the tree for at least an hour and made hundreds of photos. It was so beautiful. The light, the beautiful flowers the buzz of bumblebees and bees. Wow!

At home, the photos also turned out to better than I dared hope for. Despite not having the new camera under control, I was happy with the photos. The result was an emotional wreck behind the PC that thought: Of course you want to take pictures! This is great, relaxation, fantastic! And all that becouse of a pink tree … 🙂

First some edited photos with blossoms.








Furthermore the bees and bumblebee. I was so happy that the tree was buzzing. All the bad news about bees and other insects did not contribute positively to my mood. This moment gave me hope. They are still here. If we work on it, we can save the insects, and by that our nature. Insects are often seen as anoying and scarry, but they are indispensable. If you take the trouble to look at insects and read about the role they play in nature, then you can only admire them.


Bee on blossoms


To show that the photos above are not the result of just Photoshop, four photos that have not been edited. I hardly ever publish unedited photos. I would make these much more intens with Photoshop. A bit more light, more contrast …. However, the beauty was already there. Nature was beautiful, even without Photoshop.


Not edited




Not edited




Not edited




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Not edited


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