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  1. Patricia A Chambers op Mike & Co
Coloradokever - Colorado potato beetle

Currently, I am reorganizing and cleaning up my photos.It comes down to looking at all the photos. That I give the folders names, so that I can find the photos. But also that I throw away a lot of photos. That’s a lot of work. At the moment, I have 135,542 photos over the last 12 years. And that, after I’ve already thrown away a lot. 😮

While doing this, I come across photos that I had already forgotten. Or photos that I didn’t process at the time. I share some of them here. Beautiful bugs!



Heidelibel - Meadowhawks

Heidelibel – Meadowhawks




Populierenhaantje - Chrysomela populi

Populierenhaantje – Chrysomela populi




Lieveheersbeestje - Lady bug

Lieveheersbeestje – Lady bug




Lantaarntje - Blue-tailed damselfly

Lantaarntje – Blue-tailed damselfly




Coloradokever - Colorado potato beetle

Coloradokever – Colorado potato beetle




Grote keizerlibel - Emperor

Grote keizerlibel – Emperor




Weidebeekjuffer - Banded demoiselle

Weidebeekjuffer – Banded demoiselle

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